Getting started with .NET API


The Maya .NET API is a system that allows developers to create plug-ins and extensions for Maya using Microsoft’s .NET technology. It includes the following features:

The Maya .NET API is similar to the Maya Python API in that it is generated from the Maya C++ API. Most classes in the .NET API have a corresponding class in the C++ API with the same name and with a similar interface (that is, a set of functions and classes).

C# classes are proxies for C++ classes.

The system provides the following advantages:


The .NET SDK is installed with Extension 2 for Maya 2013. The .NET bindings do not work with any other version of Maya (including Maya 2013). Only 64-bit versions are supported; 32-bit versions of Extension 2 for Maya 2013 are not supported.

You must use .NET Framework 4. You must also use Microsoft Visual Studio version 2010 or above to compile the examples.

NoteIn this chapter, the path prefix <...> denotes your Maya 2013.5 install directory.

.NET SDK Files

The Maya .NET SDK constitutes the following files:

Visual Studio integrated documentation

In addition to using the Maya API C++ reference documentation, the Maya .NET API ships with Visual Studio integrated documentation generated from the C++ reference documentation. This enables: