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// Copyright 1995,2006,2008 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.
// Use of this software is subject to the terms of the Autodesk
// license agreement provided at the time of installation or download,
// or which otherwise accompanies this software in either electronic
// or hard copy form.
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#ifndef _nodeCreatedCBCmd_h
#define _nodeCreatedCBCmd_h

#include <maya/MPxCommand.h>
#include <maya/MMessage.h>

class MObject;

class nodeCreatedCB : public MPxCommand {
                    nodeCreatedCB() {};
    virtual MStatus doIt ( const MArgList& );                   

    static void     sCallbackFunc( MObject& node, void * clientData );
    static void*    creator();
    static MSyntax  newSyntax();

    static MCallbackId  sId;
    static MStringArray sMelProcs;
    static MIntArray    sFullDagPath;

    MStatus         registerMelProc( MString melProc, bool fullDagPath );
    MStatus         unregisterMelProc( MString melProc );
    MStatus         changeFilter( MString filter );