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// meshMapUtils.cpp
// Description:
//    Utility functions for the meshRemap and meshReorder commands
//       moveToolContext
#ifndef _MESH_MAP_UTILS_H_
#define _MESH_MAP_UTILS_H_

#include "maya/MStatus.h"

class MIntArray;
class MFloatPointArray;
class MDagPath;
class MDagPathArray;
class MObjectArray;

class meshMapUtils
    static MStatus traverseFace(
            MDagPath& path,
            int faceIdx,
            int v0,
            int v1,
            MIntArray& faceTraversal,
            MIntArray& cvMapping,
            MIntArray& cVMappingInverse,
            MIntArray& newPolygonCounts,
            MIntArray& newPolygonConnects,
            MFloatPointArray& origVertices,
            MFloatPointArray& newVertices

    static void  intersectArrays( MIntArray&, MIntArray &);
    static MStatus validateFaceSelection( MDagPathArray&, MObjectArray&, int *, MIntArray *);