Calculating Volumes with the Volumes Dashboard

Use the Volumes Dashboard to analyze volume surfaces and bounded areas within those surfaces.

NoteThe Volumes Dashboard is a feature that is provided in the Volumes Dashboard Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012. Please see the Autodesk Subscription website for more information and to download this extension.

Using the Volumes Dashboard you can:

  Calculating Cut and Fill Volumes


With Audio

Calculate a site's cut and fill volumes and see the calculations change dynamically as you modify the surface.

Each volume surface and bounded area that you add to the Volumes Dashboard has a check box next to it in the Volumes Dashboard. Select the check box next to a volume item to include the item in the total volumes graph, a report, or a cut/fill table.

NoteThe total volumes graph does not display a representation of the volumes if no surfaces or bounded areas are selected, if both a volume surface and an associated bounded area of that volume surface are selected at the same time, or if any of the selected volume surfaces are out of date.

Analyzing Surface Volumes using the Volumes Dashboard