N Functions Reference (AutoLISP)


These AutoLISP functions all start with 'N'.


  • namedobjdict

    Returns the entity name of the current drawing's named object dictionary, which is the root of all nongraphical objects in the drawing

  • nentsel

    Prompts the user to select an object (entity) by specifying a point, and provides access to the definition data contained within a complex object

  • nentselp

    Provides similar functionality to that of the nentsel function without the need for user input

  • new_dialog

    Begins a new dialog box and displays it, and can also specify a default action

  • not

    Verifies that an item evaluates to nil

  • nth

    Returns the nth element of a list

  • null

    Verifies that an item is bound to nil

  • numberp

    Verifies that an item is a real number or an integer