S Functions Reference (AutoLISP)


These AutoLISP functions all start with 'S'.


  • set

    Sets the value of a quoted symbol name to an expression

  • set_tile

    Sets the value of a dialog box tile

  • setcfg

    Writes application data to the AppData section of the acad20xx.cfg file

  • setenv

    Sets a system environment variable to a specified value

  • setfunhelp

    Registers a user-defined command with the Help facility so the appropriate Help file and topic are called when the user requests help on that command

  • setpropertyvalue

    Sets the property value for an entity

  • setq

    Sets the value of a symbol or symbols to associated expressions

  • setvar

    Sets an AutoCAD system variable to a specified value

  • setview

    Establishes a view for a specified viewport

  • showhtmlmodalwindow

    Displays a modal dialog box with a specified URI (Uniform Resource Identifier)

  • sin

    Returns the sine of an angle as a real number expressed in radians

  • slide_image

    Displays an AutoCAD slide in the currently active dialog box image tile

  • snvalid

    Checks the symbol table name for valid characters

  • sqrt

    Returns the square root of a number as a real number

  • ssadd

    Adds an object (entity) to a selection set, or creates a new selection set

  • ssdel

    Deletes an object (entity) from a selection set

  • ssget

    Creates a selection set from the selected object

  • ssgetfirst

    Determines which objects are selected and gripped

  • sslength

    Returns an integer containing the number of objects (entities) in a selection set

  • ssmemb

    Tests whether an object (entity) is a member of a selection set

  • ssname

    Returns the object (entity) name of the indexed element of a selection set

  • ssnamex

    Retrieves information about how a selection set was created

  • sssetfirst

    Sets which objects are selected and gripped

  • start_dialog

    Displays a dialog box and begins accepting user input

  • start_image

    Starts the creation of an image in the dialog box tile

  • start_list

    Starts the processing of a list in the list box or in the pop-up list dialog box tile

  • startapp

    Starts an external application

  • strcase

    Returns a string where all alphabetic characters have been converted to uppercase or lowercase

  • strcat

    Returns a string that is the concatenation of multiple strings

  • strlen

    Returns an integer that is the number of characters in a string

  • subst

    Searches a list for an old item and returns a copy of the list with a new item substituted in place of every occurrence of the old item

  • substr

    Returns a substring of a string