R Functions Reference (AutoLISP)


These AutoLISP functions all start with 'R'.


  • read_char

    Returns the decimal ASCII code representing the character read from the keyboard input buffer or from an open file

  • read_line

    Reads a string from the keyboard or from an open file, until an end-of-line marker is encountered

  • read

    Returns the first list or atom obtained from a string

  • redraw

    Redraws the current viewport or a specified object (entity) in the current viewport

  • regapp

    Registers an application name with the current AutoCAD drawing in preparation for using extended object data

  • rem

    Divides the first number by the second, and returns the remainder

  • repeat

    Evaluates each expression a specified number of times, and returns the value of the last expression

  • reverse

    Returns a copy of a list with its elements reversed

  • rtos

    Converts a number into a string