About Entity Names (AutoLISP)


An entity name is a numeric label assigned to objects in a drawing.

It is actually a pointer into a file maintained by AutoCAD, and can be used to find the object's database record and its vectors (if they are displayed). This label can be referenced by AutoLISP functions to allow selection of objects for processing in various ways. Internally, AutoCAD refers to objects as entities.

NoteYou can use the vlax-ename->vla-object function to convert an entity name to a VLA-object when working with ActiveX functions. The vlax-vla-object->ename function converts a VLA-object to an entity name.

The following functions are useful when working with entity names:

The following example uses the entlast function to get the name of the last object created in the drawing.

<Entity name: 27f0540>

Entity names assigned to objects in a drawing are only in effect during the current editing session. The next time you open the drawing, AutoCAD assigns new entity names to the objects. You can use an object's handle to refer to it from one editing session to another.