A Functions Reference (AutoLISP)


These AutoLISP functions all start with 'A'.


  • abs

    Returns the absolute value of a number

  • acad_colordlg

    Displays the standard AutoCAD color selection dialog box

  • acad_helpdlg

    Invokes the help facility (obsolete)

  • acad_pop_dbmod

    Restores the value of the DBMOD system variable to the value that was most recently stored with acad-push-dbmod

  • acad_push_dbmod

    Stores the current value of the DBMOD system variable

  • acad_strlsort

    Sorts a list of strings in alphabetical order

  • acad_truecolorcli

    Prompts for colors at the Command prompt

  • acad_truecolordlg

    Displays the AutoCAD color selection dialog box with tabs for index color, true color, and color books

  • acdimenableupdate

    Controls the automatic updating of associative dimensions

  • acet_layerp_mark

    Places beginning and ending marks for Layer Previous recording

  • acet_layerp_mode

    Queries and sets the LAYERPMODE setting

  • acet_laytrans

    Translates drawing layers to standards defined in another drawing or standards file

  • acet_ms_to_ps

    Converts a real value from model space units to paper space units

  • acet_ps_to_ms

    Converts a real value from paper space units to model space units

  • action_tile

    Assigns an action to evaluate when the user selects the specified tile in a dialog box

  • add_list

    Adds or modifies a string in the currently active dialog box list

  • alert

    Displays a dialog box containing an error or warning message

  • alloc

    Sets the size of the segment to be used by the expand function

  • and

    Returns the logical AND of the supplied arguments

  • angle

    Returns an angle in radians of a line defined by two endpoints

  • angtof

    Converts a string representing an angle into a real (floating-point) value in radians

  • angtos

    Converts an angular value in radians into a string

  • append

    Takes any number of lists and appends them together as one list

  • apply

    Passes a list of arguments to, and executes, a specified function

  • arx

    Returns a list of the currently loaded ObjectARX applications

  • arxload

    Loads an ObjectARX application

  • arxunload

    Unloads an ObjectARX application

  • ascii

    Returns the conversion of the first character of a string into its ASCII character code (an integer)

  • assoc

    Searches an association list for an element and returns that association list entry

  • atan

    Returns the arctangent of a number in radians

  • atof

    Converts a string into a real number

  • atoi

    Converts a string into an integer

  • atom

    Verifies that an item is an atom

  • atoms_family

    Returns a list of the currently defined symbols

  • autoarxload

    Predefines command names to load an associated ObjectARX file

  • autoload

    Predefines command names to load an associated AutoLISP file