D Functions Reference (AutoLISP)


These AutoLISP functions all start with 'D'.


  • defun

    Defines a function

  • defun_q

    Defines a function as a list

  • defun_q_list_ref

    Displays the list structure of a function defined with defun-q

  • defun_q_list_set

    Sets the value of a symbol to be a function defined by a list

  • dictadd

    Adds a nongraphical object to the specified dictionary

  • dictnext

    Finds the next item in a dictionary

  • dictremove

    Removes an entry from the specified dictionary

  • dictrename

    Renames a dictionary entry

  • dictsearch

    Searches a dictionary for an item

  • dimx_tile

    Retrieves the width of a tile in dialog box units

  • dimy_tile

    Retrieves the height of a tile in dialog box units

  • distance

    Returns the 3D distance between two points

  • distof

    Converts a string that represents a real (floating-point) value into a real value

  • done_dialog

    Terminates a dialog box

  • dumpallproperties

    Retrieves an entity’s supported properties