Externally Defined Commands (AutoLISP)


AutoCAD ® commands defined by ObjectARX ® or AutoLISP ® applications are called externally defined. AutoLISP applications may need to access externally defined commands differently from the way they access built-in AutoLISP functions. Many externally defined commands have their own programming interfaces that allow AutoLISP applications to take advantage of their functionality.

  • 3dsin

    Imports a 3D Studio (.3ds) file

  • align

    Translates and rotates objects, allowing them to be aligned with other objects

  • cal

    Invokes the on-line geometry calculator and returns the value of the evaluated expression

  • mirror3d

    Reflects selected objects about a user-specified plane

  • rotate3d

    Rotates an object about an arbitrary 3D axis

  • solprof

    Creates profile images of three-dimensional solids