About Comments in AutoLISP Program Files (AutoLISP)


Comments are useful to both the programmer and future users who may need to revise a program to suit their needs.

It is good coding practice to include comments in all AutoLISP program files, small and large. Use comments to do the following:

Comments begin with one or more semicolons ( ; ) and continue through the end of the line.

; This entire line is a comment
(setq area (* pi r r)) ; Compute area of circle

Any text within ;| ... |; is ignored. Therefore, comments can be included within a line of code or extend for multiple lines. This type of comment is known as an in-line comment.

(setq tmode ;|some note here|; (getvar "tilemode"))

The following example shows a comment that continues across multiple lines:

(setvar "orthomode" 1) ;|comment starts here
and continues to this line,
but ends way down here|; (princ "\nORTHOMODE set On.")