Visual LISP Console Window Reference (Visual LISP IDE)


The Visual LISP Console window allows you to enter AutoLISP code and immediately see the results of executing that code.

NoteThe Visual LISP IDE is available on Windows only.

This is similar to what you can do at the AutoCAD Command prompt, but there are a few differences—some subtle—in how you accomplish the same task in these two windows.

For example, to display the current value of an AutoLISP variable in Visual LISP, you simply type the variable name in the Console window and press Enter. To view the value of a variable at the AutoCAD Command prompt, you must precede the variable name with an exclamation point (!).

The appearance of the two prompts is also different, AutoCAD Command prompt displays the initial prompt Command: while the Console window prompt looks like the following:


As you use the Console window, it saves the text you enter and any output from executing the text. You can then scroll through the Console window and see what transpired, or press Tab and Shift+Tab to retrieve previously entered text. The Console window is also where Visual LISP displays AutoLISP diagnostic messages and the results of many AutoLISP functions. For example, output from the print and princ functions is displayed in the Console window.

NoteUnlike the AutoCAD Command window, the Visual LISP Console window is not document sensitive. There is only one Console window available and all entered text is accessible regardless of the file open in the active text editor window.

The following is a brief summary of the features that the Visual LISP Console window offers:

NoteExpressions entered at the Console window prompt are removed if Enter is not pressed before switching to the AutoCAD drawing window.