About Arbitrary Keyboard Input (AutoLISP)


Arbitrary input allows you to provide a string to most of the getXXX functions as if it is a keyword; control bits and keywords are honored first.

An application using this facility can be written to permit the user to call an AutoLISP function at a getXXX function prompt. You enable arbitrary keyboard input by using the 128 control bit with the initget function.

The following example code defines a command named ARBENTRY and a function named REF. The REF function is used in response to the getpoint function in the ARBENTRY command which is set to allow arbitrary keyboard input.

(defun C:ARBENTRY ( / pt1)
  (initget 128)                     ; Sets arbitrary entry bit
  (setq pt1 (getpoint "\nPoint: ")) ; Gets value from user.
  (if (= 'STR (type pt1))           ; If it's a string, convert it
    (setq pt1 (eval (read pt1)))    ; to a symbol, try evaluating
                                    ; it as a function; otherwise,
    pt1                             ; just return the value.

(defun REF ( )
  (setvar "LASTPOINT" (getpoint "\nReference point: "))
  (getpoint "\nNext point: " (getvar "LASTPOINT"))

The following command sequence demonstrates how you can use ARBENTRY and REF together:

Command: arbentry

Point: (ref)

Reference point: Select a point

Next point: @1,1,0