Visual LISP Menu Bar Reference (Visual LISP IDE)


The menu bar allows you to access all available editing and debugging tools available when working on an AutoLISP or DCL file.

NoteThe Visual LISP IDE is available on Windows only.

The following table summarizes the items on the Visual LISP menu bar.

Visual LISP menu items

Menu item



Create a new AutoLISP program file for editing, open an existing file, save changes to program files, build Visual LISP application files, and print program files.


Copy and paste text, undo the last change you made to text (or undo the last command entered in the Console window), select text in the Visual LISP editor or Console windows, match parentheses in expressions, and redisplay previous commands entered in the Console window.


Find and replace text strings, set bookmarks, and navigate among bookmarked text.


Find and display the value of variables and symbols in your AutoLISP code.


Work with projects and compile programs.


Set and remove breakpoints in your program and step through program execution one expression at a time. You can then check the state of variables and the results of expressions.


Set Visual LISP options for text formatting and various environment options, such as the placement of windows and toolbars.


Organize the windows currently displayed in your Visual LISP session, or activate another Visual LISP editor or the AutoCAD application window.


Display Help.