C Functions Reference (AutoLISP)


These AutoLISP functions all start with 'C'.


  • caddr

    Returns the third element of a list

  • cadr

    Returns the second element of a list

  • car

    Returns the first element of a list

  • cdr

    Returns a list containing all but the first element of the specified list

  • chr

    Converts an integer representing an ASCII character code into a single-character string

  • client_data_tile

    Associates application-managed data with a dialog box tile

  • close

    Closes an open file

  • command

    Executes an AutoCAD command

  • command-s

    Executes an AutoCAD command and the supplied input

  • cond

    Serves as the primary conditional function for AutoLISP

  • cons

    Adds an element to the beginning of a list, or constructs a dotted list

  • cos

    Returns the cosine of an angle expressed in radians

  • cvunit

    Converts a value from one unit of measurement to another