Digitizing Tablets

You can use the puck or stylus of a digitizing tablet as a pointing device, or you can trace a paper drawing into a file.

A digitizing tablet, or digitizer, is a peripheral device that can be used to trace paper drawings into a drawing file or to choose commands from a digitizing tablet overlay. With the Wintab driver, the tablet pointer can also be used instead of a mouse as a system pointer to choose menu items and drawing objects or to interact with the operating system. The tablet pointer can be a puck or a stylus.

The digitizing tablet must first be configured and then can optionally be calibrated.

You can easily switch between using the tablet uncalibrated as a system pointer (Tablet mode off) or calibrated for digitizing a drawing (Tablet mode on). Click the Tablet button on the status bar. If a screen-pointing area has been designated, a Float button is displayed on the status bar and toggles the screen-pointing area on and off.

NoteA sample digitizing tablet overlay, tablet_overlay.dwg, can be found in http://www.autodesk.com/autocadlt-samples.
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