Attach PDF Underlay Dialog Box
Quick Reference

Names, locates, and defines the insertion point, scale, and rotation of attached PDF underlays.

Access Methods

 Menu: Insert  PDF UnderlayAt the Command prompt, enter pdfattach.
 Toolbar: Insert 
 Command entry: pdfattach

List of Options

The following options are displayed.


Identifies the PDF file you have selected to attach.


Opens the Select Reference File dialog (a standard file selection dialog box).

Select one of more pages from the PDF file

Displays all of the pages that are found in the PDF file. If the PDF file only contains a single page, that page is listed. You can select multiple pages by holding Shift or Ctrl and selecting the pages to attach.

Path Type

Select the full (absolute) path, the relative path to the PDF file, or No Path, and the name of the PDF file. For the No Path option, the PDF file must be located in the same folder as the current drawing file.

Insertion Point

Specifies the insertion point for the selected PDF file.

Specify On-Screen

Directs input at the Command prompt or the pointing device.


Sets the X coordinate value.


Sets the Y coordinate value.


Sets the Z coordinate value.


Specifies the scale factor of the selected PDF underlay.

If INSUNITS is set to “unitless” or if the underlay does not contain resolution information, the scale factor becomes the underlay width in AutoCAD units. If INSUNITS has a value such as millimeters, centimeters, inches, or feet, and the underlay has resolution information, the scale factor is applied after the true width of the underlay in AutoCAD units is determined.

Specify On-screen

Inputs information at the Command prompt or with the pointing device. If Specify On-Screen is cleared, enter a value for the scale factor.

Scale Factor Field

Enter a value for the scale factor.


Specifies the rotation angle of the selected DWF underlay.

Specify on-screen

If Specify On-Screen is selected, you may wait until you exit the dialog box to rotate the object with your pointing device or enter a rotation angle value at the Command prompt.


If Specify On-Screen is cleared, enter the rotation angle value in the dialog box. The default rotation angle is 0.

Show Details

Found In

Displays the path to the PDF file.

Saved Path

Displays the path that is saved with the drawing when the PDF file is attached. The path is dependent upon the Path Type setting.