About Saving and Restoring Layer States and Settings


You can save your current layer settings as a layer state that you can quickly restore later.

Save Layer Settings

The layer settings that you can save include the properties assigned to each layer such as color and linetype, as well as whether the layer is turned off, frozen, or locked.

Special cases when saving layer states are handled as follows:

Restore Layer Settings

When you restore a layer state, the layer settings that were current when the layer state was saved are used. However, the Layer States Manager also lets you specify which layer settings to restore. For example, you can choose to restore only the Frozen/Thawed setting of the layers in a drawing, ignoring all other settings saved in the layer state.

Special cases when restoring layer states are handled as follows:

Edit Saved Layer States

Using the Edit Layer State dialog box, you can modify the properties and settings of each layer saved in a layer state. You can also add layers to a layer state through the Select Layers to Add to Layer State dialog box. For example, if new layers were added since the layer state was saved, you can add them, specify their properties and settings, and then resave the layer state.

NoteTo be notified when new layers are added to the drawing, use the LAYEREVAL and LAYERNOTIFY system variables.

Restore Property Override Settings in Layout Viewports

When the Apply Properties as Viewport Overrides option is selected in the Layer States Manager, property overrides are restored to the layout viewport that is current at the time the layer state is restored.

When a layer state is saved in model space and is restored in paper space, the following rules apply:

When a layer state is saved in paper space and is restored in model space, the following rules apply:

Apply Layer States in Xrefs

When a drawing that contains saved layer states is referenced in another drawing, the list of xref layer states are displayed in the Layer States Manager.

The names of xref layer states include the referenced drawing’s name separated by two underscore characters using the format, Xref Name__Layer State Name. When the xref is bound to the host drawing, the two underscore characters are replaced by $0$ using the format, Xref Name$0$Layer State Name.

The following rules apply to layer states in xref drawings: