Layer States Manager


Saves, restores, and manages sets of layer settings that are called named layer states.


Displays a list of saved layer states in the drawing. You can create, rename, edit, and delete layer states.

List of Options

The following options are displayed.

Layer States

Lists the named layer states that have been saved in the drawing, the space in which they were saved (model space, layout, or xref), whether the layer list is the same as in the drawing, and an optional description.

Don’t List Layer States in Xrefs

Controls whether layer states in xrefs are displayed.


Displays the New Layer State to Save dialog box, where you can provide a name and a description for the new named layer state.


Saves the selected named layer state.


Displays the Edit Layer State dialog box, where you can modify a selected named layer state.


Allows in-place editing of the layer state name.


Removes the selected named layer state.


Displays a standard file selection dialog box, where you can load a previously exported layer state (LAS) file into the current drawing. Layer states in files (DWG, DWS, or DWT) can be imported. Additional layers may be created as a result of importing a layer state file. When a DWG, DWS, or DWT file is selected, the Select Layer States dialog box is displayed where you can select layer states to import.


Displays a standard file selection dialog box, where you can save the selected named layer state to a layer state (LAS) file.


Restores state and property settings of all layers in a drawing to their previously saved settings. Restores only those layer state and property settings that you specify with the check boxes.


Closes the Layer States Manager and saves changes.

Restore Options

Turn Off Layers Not Found in Layer State

When a layer state is restored, turns off new layers for which settings were not saved so that the drawing looks the same way it did when the named layer state was saved.

Apply Properties as Viewport Overrides

Applies layer property overrides to the current viewport. This option is available when the Layer States Manager is accessed when a layout viewport is active.

More Options

Controls the display of additional options in the Layer States Manager dialog box.

Layer Properties to Restore

Restores the selected layer settings and properties to their previously saved state.

The Visibility in Current Viewport option is available only for layout viewports, while the On/Off and Frozen/Thawed options are available only for Model space viewports.

Select All

Selects all the settings.

Clear All

Removes selection from all the settings.