Quick Reference

Updates block references with new and changed attributes from a specified block definition.

Access Methods


 Ribbon: Home tabBlock panelSynchronize AttributesNot available on the ribbon in the current workspace
 Toolbar: Modify II
 Command entry: attsync


You are prompted for the names of blocks you want to update with the current attributes defined for the blocks.

Use this command to update all instances of a block containing attributes that was redefined using the BLOCK or BEDIT commands. ATTSYNC does not change any values assigned to attributes in existing blocks.

NoteUse the ATTREDEF command to redefine and update blocks in one command.

Entering ? displays a list of all block definitions in the drawing. Enter the name of the block you want to update.

Pressing ENTER allows you to use your pointing device to select the block whose attributes you want to update.

If a block you specify does not contain attributes or does not exist, an error message is displayed, and you are prompted to specify another block.

WarningATTSYNC removes any format or property changes made with the ATTEDIT or EATTEDIT commands. It also deletes any extended data associated with the block, and might affect dynamic blocks and blocks created by third-party applications.