What's New in Smoke 2013


Autodesk Smoke 2013 has changed. Everything.

Here is a short-list of all the new features in this release.

Major Workflow Redesign

This release features a new UI paradigm known as the Workspace, which includes:

MediaHub Tab: New Media Management Workflow

The new MediaHub is an integrated media management environment that gives you:

Conform Tab: New Conform Workflow

The new Conform tab centralizes and simplifies all your conform tasks.

Timeline Tab: Standardized Editing Operations

The timeline has been standardized so that you can bring editing skills you have developed in other applications to Smoke, with ease.

ConnectFX: Effects Integrated Right in Your Timeline

We have added ConnectFX to Smoke. ConnectFX is a powerful procedural compositing environment that you can access right from your timeline.

New Colour Management Engine and ACES Support

Smoke now supports the powerful new Academy/ASC colour transform format. These colour transforms are applied using a new floating-point colour management engine that has been integrated into the viewer/player, the broadcast monitor, and the LUT Editor. The LUT Editor also includes the ability to combine multiple colour transforms and export them. There is also a collection of over 100 colour transforms which includes support for the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES).

See Colour Management.