Getting Started with Smoke


Getting started with Smoke is easy.

Just a few simple clicks to create a project and user, drag-and-drop some media from your file browser, and you are ready to build beautiful edits and creative effects.

Create a Project, Create a User, and Click Start!

After you double-click the Smoke icon to get started, the Smoke start-up screen appears.

Look at those Project and User fields. If they say "Click the New button", it means you must you must create a project and/or user before you Smoke can start.

To create a project and user, and then start Smoke:

  1. Click the New Projet button. A dialog box with project settings appears. When you are done setting the project values, click Create.

    You land back on the Smoke start-up screen.

  2. Click the New User button. A dialog box with user settings appear. When you are done entering your user settings, click Create.

    You land back on the Smoke start-up screen again.

  3. Click Start to open up Smoke.

    This time you land on the Smoke workspace.

Get Familiar with the Smoke Workspace

The workspace is where you accomplish all of your project tasks. The workspace consists of three main panels:

Each panel has its own menu bar with commands specific to the tasks you can perform in that space.

Drag and Drop Media to the Media List

Now that you understand how the workspace is laid out, open the Finder and drag-drop some media into the Media List.

If you have any problems, check out the Supported Media File Formats to make sure the media you want to import is supported.

Get Creative

Explore the editing and effects capabilities of the software.

We have designed learning content to help you on your way.