2014 Service Pack 2 Release Notes


This release of the 2014 Service Pack 2 includes the following improvements.

This service pack also fixes the following issues.

Key Component/s Summary
SMOK-18917 Archive Opening a Legacy timeline with Soft Axis into 2014SP1 should have "Use Back" set to on.
SMOK-19515 Batch General Render List in Batch does not dynamically update in real-time.
SMOK-19429 Batch General Hangs when rendering a 1 frame action batch setup.
SMOK-19362 Batch General Batch/BFX: resize node does not update.
SMOK-19309 Batch General Resize node is not keeping the Ratio value when saved.
SMOK-19249 Batch General Flame Premium crashes when rendering Batch - Action setups (memory leak).
SMOK-19107 Batch General Re-saving a Batch snapshot crashes if its media was gesturally edited on the Desktop.
SMOK-18811 Batch General dlCheckGLError (seen as corruption in the application) after rendering a Lens Distort Batch setup.
SMOK-18803 Batch General Crashes when using a specific batch setup.
SMOK-18723 Batch General Batch: Random render corruption with specific setups containing a Sparks node.
SMOK-17896 Batch General Modifying MUX timing offset while displaying the context view doesn't invalidate result.
SMOK-18846 Batch General Batch : Resize's crop options are initialized at Project resolution when it should be at clip resolution.
SMOK-2239 Data Management No failover if the first framestore_map interface is invalid.
SMOK-19212 Desktop & Editing tools Pending render clips will cause the UI to be sluggish if the media panel is open.
SMOK-19226 Desktop & Editing tools Crash on startup if clips were saved/moved to Batch snapshot BUMP library folder.
SMOK-18688 Desktop & Editing tools BFX render = timeline still unrendered.
SMOK-18268 IFFFS: Conform Resizing AAF on import does not adjust axis values proportionally.
SMOK-5712 Media Import / Export Timecode from filename should not produce negative or greater than 48-hour timecode.
SMOK-19496 Media Import / Export Flame and Smoke export ProRes with incorrect field dominance data.
SMOK-18713 Media Import / Export Flare on CentOS render errors when using Uncompressed / RAW format.
SMOK-18683 Media Import / Export Caching OpenEXR or dpx alpha channel is incorrect when file is on same volume as managed media storage.
SMOK-16188 Media Import / Export Export: NTSC clip has wrong field dominance.
SMOK-18766 Player Playing back a Text Timeline effect on Gap crashes.
SMOK-19274 Rendering Wrong timeline render results because of view tracks refresh.
SMOK-18271 UI Incorrect preview using Broadcast Toolbar and Gmask. Resolution dependent.
SMOK-19436 LUSTRE: Color Tools All keyframes are lost when a single keyframe is copied.
SMOK-19398 LUSTRE: Panel CP100: Right wheel not cycling through shots in Lustre 2014.