2014 SP1 Release Notes


This service pack fixes a number of defects, and introduces support for the Wacom Intuos Pro pen tablets on HP Z820 workstations, as well as support for the older Wacom Intuos 3 and 4 on those workstations.

Fixes in this release

Key Component Summary
SMOK-17688 Action General HWAA not applied on the first frame in BFX.
SMOK-17710 Action General Missing parameters in Axis channels when exiting Stabilizer.
SMOK-17894 Action General Batch: Double click on output socket of Action node gives ''Invalid'' field dominance. Crash in debug mode.
SMOK-17492 Animation editor Timeline BFX: Lost persistency for Channel editor preferences.
SMOK-11360 Archive Any popup that pause an archive = The progress bar is hidden and there is no more visual feedback.
SMOK-18049 Archive Cannot archive on AVFS filesystems in 2014 - cannot create lock file.
SMOK-17809 Archive Creation of backup tar file is done in foreground when you have more than 10 workspaces.
SMOK-16869 Archive "Skip All" for the whole archive doesn't work when missing frames on multiple clips.
SMOK-18131 Batch General /BFX Assert on Render GapBFX after moving cut under segment
SMOK-17190 Batch General /BFX Batch file cannot be reloaded because the file name is too long.
SMOK-17794 Batch General /BFX Flame Premium crashes to desktop when loading specific batch setups.
SMOK-16931 Batch General /BFX Can't change render name in Render List until 2nd attempt. Can lead to crash.
SMOK-18463 Batch General /BFX BFX hardware AA turns off when switching to another project then back.
SMOK-18383 Batch General /BFX Bad rounding problem with EXR files when imported with Auto Rate timecode selection.
SMOK-17258 Conform Matched media are not linked after importing an AAF file.
SMOK-18741 Conform Switching to conform tab on a XML imported without link to Media crashes system.
SMOK-18460 Conform Conform: file sequence based conform is broken for AAF/XML referencing movie files.
SMOK-17709 Creative Tools The application unexpectedly crashes when exiting modules.
SMOK-17136 Creative Tools Batch FX / BFX are not cached on playback.
SMOK-17810 Creative Tools Render not starting on specific batch setup and hangs the app.
SMOK-18210 Creative Tools GMask : Widgets are not displayed in matte view and hotkey is wrong.
SMOK-17370 Data Management Autosaves take a very long time when using remote project workflow.
SMOK-8043 Data Management Proxy should not be generated on startup for Recovered_Media folder.
SMOK-12822 Desktop & Editing tools Thumbnails/Reels view unusable after doing a restore of a Library/Reel.
SMOK-17864 Desktop & Editing tools Thumbnails of imported clips not updating in library when a save project is performed.
SMOK-18484 Documentation Trailing (/) must be added at the end of the Help path when accessed from Flame.
SMOK-17701 Hardware certification DKU 8.0.1 supports Intuos Pro Tablets on HP Z820.
SMOK-17170 Hardware, configuration & OS DKU 7.6.0 changes the mellanox port configuration.
SMOK-16717 Installation & Licensing When adding wrong option/argument to ./INSTALL, the options should be listed and the install should not run.
SMOK-17502 Keyboard Shortcuts In and Out mark shortcuts don't work correctly within effects editors.
SMOK-18466 LUSTRE: Background Render Lustre 2014: cannot render Interlaced grades.
SMOK-17973 LUSTRE: Panel Using Previous/Next buttons on the Element panel applies changed flags to timeline.
SMOK-17736 LUSTRE: Render Workflowers plugins cannot be used by the Shot Reactor.
SMOK-17441 Media import/export Corruption when reading specific MXFs.
SMOK-17303 Media import/export Publish only creates a tape directory based on the first clip.
SMOK-15682 Media import/export EXPORT: Wrong scan mode data in QuickTime file when "Use Clip Scan Mode' option is selected with a selection of clip of different resolutions and scan modes.
SMOK-18396 Media import/export Batch and timeline pre-processing auto-promote resize issues with 10bit/12bit after a debayer change.
SMOK-18320 Media import/export 10 bit monochrome DPX from LaserGraphics scanner cannot be read (no stride alignment).
SMOK-17997 Media import/export 32-bit fp OpenEXR with a LUT applied shows up as a checkerboard.
SMOK-17426 Media import/export MediaHub is not showing some directories.
SMOK-16831 Media import/export Corruption (digital noise) when scrubbing AVCHD QTs in 2014.
SMOK-16978 Media import/export Specific MXF doesn't show the same TC in Flame & Media Composer.
SMOK-16259 Media import/export MediaHub: missing workspaces display in projects.
SMOK-18136 Media import/export PUBLISH: Link Original Media duplicates media files if source media is cached.
SMOK-18444 Media import/export Unable to delete clips from MediaHub>Projects.
SMOK-18426 Media import/export MXFs decoded at wrong resolution.
SMOK-17955 Player Assert when switching tab with empty sequence.
SMOK-17558 Player Ability to turn off logo on broadcast monitor.
SMOK-17735 Timeline 4-point edit not applied properly if segments combine Timewarp and Resize effects.
SMOK-17516 UI Replacing the highlighted part of clip name in the library doesn't work as expected.
SMOK-16459 Wire When wiring libraries, there is no save until an autosave happens.
SMOK-18446 Wiretap Specific timeline clips kill wiretap server when clip is exported or read by WTC.