Flame Premium Keyboard Shortcuts


Following is a selection of Flame keyboard shortcuts.

You can also find keyboard shortcuts by Searching the Keyboard Shortcut Catalogue.


Function Flame Shortcut
MediaHub Space - F1
Conform Space - F2
Timeline Space - F3
Batch Space - F4
Tools Space - F5
Tools - Composite Space - 1
Tools - Look Space - 2
Tools - Filter Space - 3
Tools - Plugins Space - 4
Tools - Clip Space - 5
Tools - Utilities Space - 6

Viewing Panel

Function Flame Shortcut
Desktop Reels ~(tilde)
Thumbnail View Ctrl - ~(tilde)
Standard Player ESC
Standard Player Real-Time Deliverables Alt - 1
Standard Player Audio Desk Alt - 2
Standard Player Overlays Alt - 3
Standard Player Vectorscope Alt - 4
Standard Player Viewing Settings Alt - 5
Player View Ctrl - 1
Source/Sequence Player Ctrl - 2
Triptych Player Ctrl - 3
Trim View Ctrl - 4
Full Screen Player Ctrl - ESC
Player Source Clip Next Shift - Right Arrow
Player Source Clip Previous Shift - Left Arrow


Function Flame Shortcut
Tall Shift - Tab
Details Shift - ~
Hidden Shift - ESC / Ctrl - Swipe


Function Flame Shortcut
Copy (Whole Clip) Shift - Alt - drag
Copy (Current Frame) Shift - Ctrl - Alt - drag
Copy In and Out Shift - Ctrl - drag
Create Sub-Clip Alt - C
Contextual Menu (Mouse right click tablet emulation) Win (Smoke) - Click
Frames view (Cursor Over) C
Storyboard view (Cursor Over) Space - C
Delete (Cursor Over) D
Rename (Cursor Over) N
Lock (Cursor Over) Space - L
Go To Frame (Cursor Over) G
Go To Timecode (Cursor Over) Alt - G
Cut After Selected Frame (Cursor Over) Space - X
Cut At Each Splices (Cursor Over) Alt - Space - X
Cut At (n) Frame (Cursor Over) Ctrl - Space - X
Swap Segments (Cursor Over) Space - S
Match Frame (Cursor Over) M
Match Source (Cursor Over) Alt - M
Match Content (Cursor Over) Space - M
Match All Sources (Cursor Over) Alt - Space - M
Render Segment (Cursor Over) Space - R
Render Sequence (Cursor Over) Alt - Space - R
Hard Commit Segment (Cursor Over) Space - H
Hard Commit Sequence (Cursor Over) Alt - Space - H

Timeline Navigation

Function Flame Shortcut
Next Transition (Current Track) Down Arrow
Next Transition (All Versions/Tracks) Ctrl - Down Arrow
Previous Transition (Current Track) Up Arrow
Previous Transition (All Versions/Tracks) Ctrl - Up Arrow
Go to Clip Start Ctrl - Left Arrow
Go to Clip End Ctrl - Right Arrow
Go to In Mark Alt - [
Go to Out Mark Alt - ]
Next Cue Mark Ctrl - \
Prev Cue Mark Alt - \
Zoom In Ctrl - Space-Up Arrow
Zoom Out Ctrl - Space - Down Arrow
Fit Timeline to Contents Ctrl - Home
Fit Timeline to Selection Shift - =


Function Flame Shortcut
Cut (Current Version/Track) X
Cut (All Versions/Tracks) Ctrl - Shift - X
Cut Around Selection (Current Version/Track) Alt - X
Cut Around Selection (All Versions/Tracks) Alt - Shift - X
Remove Cut (Match Frame Edit) Ctrl - Alt - X
Add Dissolve (All Versions/Tracks) Shit - End
Add Dissolve (Current Version/Track) End
Mark In [
Mark Out ]
Mark In/Out (Current Shot) '
Select Between In-Out (Current Track) Shift - '
Select Between In-Out (Current Version) Ctrl - '
Select Between In-Out (All Versions) Ctrl - Shift - '
Clear In Space - [
Clear Out Space - ]
Clear In-Out Space - [ - ]
Add Cue Mark \
Clear Cue Mark Space - \
Insert I
Overwrite O
Replace R
Ripple Alt - R
Ripple Replace Ctrl - Alt - R
Replace Media Ctrl - Shift - R
Timeline Select Mode Alt - A
Timeline Trim Mode Alt - E
Trim to Positioner Shift - P
Trim To In Mark Shift - [
Trim To Out Mark Shift - ]
Trim 1 Frame Forward . (period)
Trim 1 Frame Backward , (comma)
Trim <n> Frames Forward Shift - . (period)
Trim <n> Frames Backward Shift - , (comma)
Slip Shot Alt - S
Slide Keyframes Shift - Alt - S
Slide Cuts Shift - Alt - D
Slide Alt - D
Snap Alt - W
Invert Snap during manipulation Shift
Invert Ripple during manipulation Alt
Sub Clip Alt -C
New Version Shift - Q
New Video Track Q
New Audio Track Ctrl - Q

Effects View Shortcuts

Function Flame Shortcut
Front View F1
Back View F2
Matte View F3
Result View F4
Batch or BFX Schematic View Ctrl - ESC
Schematic View (All other tools with schematics) ESC
1-Up View Alt - 1
2-Up View Alt - 2
Pan Space
Zoom Ctrl - Space
Previous Keyframe Alt - Left
Next Keyframe Alt - Right

Action Shortcuts

Function Flame Shortcut
Select M
Add A
Delete Mode D
Mimic Link W
Schematic Autolink Mimic Shift - W - drag
Add Action Media Input Ctrl - N
Reset Media Layer Ctrl - Alt - click
"Kissing" Nodes Shift - drag
Reverse "Kiss" Shift - Alt - drag
Toggle Navigator Ctrl - Alt - N
Navigator Pan Alt - drag

Animation Shortcuts

Function Flame Shortcut
Context Menu (field) Win (Smoke) - click
Add Channel to Selection Shift - click
Reset Channel (keep current value) Alt - click
Reset Channel (Default value) Ctrl - Alt - click

Playback Controls

Function Flame Shortcut
Play-Stop Enter
Play Forward L
Play Forward Increase Speed L
Play Forward Decrease Speed Shift - L
Stop Playback K
Play Backward J
Play Backward Increase Speed J
Play Backward Decrease Speed Shift - J

General Shortcuts

Function Flame Shortcut
Keyboard Shortcut dialog box Ctrl - Alt - F8
Preferences dialog box Ctrl - Alt - F6
Display Tooltip Ctrl - W
Exit Alt - F12
Undo Ctrl - Z
Redo Ctrl - R
Help Ctrl - F1
NoteWhen you press a keyboard shortcut, a white keyboard appears in the lower-right corner of the screen. If a keyboard shortcut becomes stuck at any time, the white keyboard remains until you unstick the keyboard shortcut by pressing it. Click the white keyboard to display the name of the problematic keyboard shortcut in the message bar.