Getting Started with the New Workflow


Welcome to the New Unified Creative Workflow

This topic addresses some of the common questions about the new workflow, describes some of the benefits, and provides tips for navigating the interface.

We hope this helps you speed up your transition to the new workflow.

Why did you change the UI so drastically? The old one worked fine, and now I have to retrain my muscle memory!

Unifying the Desktop, Batch and Timeline into one workspace allows us to treat your data more efficiently and provide you with centralized access to functions that were once limited to modules.

Think of the Desktop, the Timeline, and Batch as three different views of your media. Each of these views provides unique ways of visualizing and interacting with your media.

Now that each of these views is accessible via a tab, you can be more productive and creative.

Talk to me about the creative benefits. What benefit is there to having the Timeline and Desktop together?

Together, the Timeline and the Desktop are a very powerful editorial and visualization tool. With the two, you get detailed editorial information, with powerful Desktop visualization and gestural editing tools.

How does the Batch tab fit into the new workflow?

Now that Batch is a different view on your media, rather than a separate module, you can use it interactively with the timeline, the Desktop, and the Media panel.


You have talked about some of the creative benefits, what about productivity benefits?

These are some of the productivity benefits you will see:

How do I save my work now that the Clip Library is gone?

The Media Library in the Media panel provides a similar workflow as the previous Clip Library. In addition, there are a number of ways that you can save and version your work in the 20th Anniversary Edition.


Where has the Record Area gone?

Although we no longer have the concept of a Record Area in the application, you can replicate some of the Record Area functionality using features in the 20th Anniversary Edition.

How do I navigate quickly between the different areas of the interface?