Autodesk Vehicle Tracking 2018 Readme
Autodesk® Vehicle Tracking 2018 Readme

Thank you for using Autodesk® Vehicle Tracking 2018.

This readme contains important information about Autodesk® Vehicle Tracking 2018 that may not be included in the Help. For reference, save or print this document. It is strongly recommended that you read this entire document before you install.

Slip Lanes

Roundabouts now allow slip/bypass lanes to be created.

JSON Format

You can now save JSON files in four formats (Binary Format, Json Feet & mph, Json Meters & mph, Json Meters & km/h).

Roundabout Standards in JSON format

Roundabout Standards now supply JSON format.

Roundabout standard file format

Updated the roundabout standard file format to support data needed for defining valid lane traffic movements.

Baselines and roundabout corridors

Improved the identification baselines within roundabout corridors.

Drawing settings into JSON file

Settings file format has been changed to the ASCII JSon style file so you can customize content outside of Autodesk Vehicle Tracking.

Final Surface to new Corridor Top Surface

Roundabouts now automatically set their "Final Surface" and project signs, road markings, etc. to the Corridor Top Surface, if you opt to have the TOP surface of your corridor created.

Roundabout Splitter Island parameters

For Roundabout Splitter Islands, you can define the radii of all curb corners on the foot path crossing the island.

Entry and exit sides of the approach

The entry and exit curb offsets can now be changed independently of the ICD and transition between the values can be controlled.

Prospector folder and Roundabout Alignments

Roundabout Alignments are now placed in their own prospector folder.

Deviation offset in Arm Approach

Arm alignment deviation offset can now be maintained in the Roundabout Standard and Properties dialog boxes.

Grips for Approach Entry and Exit Curb Offsets

Roundabout Approach Entry and Exit side curb offsets can be updated via grips.

Correct ICD values

For roundabouts, the ICD, Apron Diameter and Island Diameter fields now dynamically update when making relevant changes in dialog boxes.

Belgium Vehicle Library

Added Belgium's AWV BASISVOERTUIGEN vehicle library to Autodesk Vehicle Tracking.

Netherlands Roundabout Standard

Added a Netherlands roundabout standard library to Autodesk Vehicle Tracking.

HUD Size Variable

This variable has been removed from the Junctions Property dialog box.

Leader Lines with Heads Up Display in Roundabouts

Fixed an issue where the Show Leader lines value in the Heads Up Display tab of the Roundabouts Properties dialog box was only being used in "single table" mode. Leader Lines were shown in the drawing by default regardless of this setting.

Start location of Speed Striping/Rumble Strips

Fixed an issue for Roundabouts where the start and end locations of rumble strips had been swapped around to reflect the direction of the vehicle's movement, so the start end was furthest away from the yield line at the point when an approaching vehicle would first encounter it.

LOS column header renamed ARCADY LOS

The LOS column header in the Roundabout Report dialog box was renamed ARCADY LOS to remove confusion with US HCM.

R1Max displays large label in Civil 3D drawing

Fixed an issue for Roundabouts where the R1 Max Report values sometimes displays with very large text.

Ignore in Capacity Calculations for Entry results in unexpected line

Fixed an issue where a cord line was drawn across the entry off the ICD Circle displays with roundabouts with entries excluded from analysis.

Move Arrows using Block

Fixed an issue so that roundabout turn arrows can be moved as blocks.

Improved updating of alignments and profiles

Updates of Civil 3D profiles and alignments have been reduced when carrying out operations on roundabouts that do not change their geometry.

Flashing Cursor

Fixed an issue where the tooltip flashed when moving the cursor below the strings in view mode.

Crosswalk boxing rectangle wrong size in Roundabout Standard Dialog box

Fixed an issue where the Roundabout Crosswalk dialog box crosswalk panel was too small.

Closing the Roundabout Properties dialog box

Fixed an issue that occurred when closing the Roundabout Properties dialog box when the Select New Standard dialog box was open.

R1Max dimension does not move correctly after moving entire Roundabout

Fixed an issue for Roundabouts where the R1 Max values did not move when the roundabout was transformed.

Long text in Reference on Sign (Location) dialog box

Fixed an issue that occurred when there was a long text string in the Reference on Sign (Location) dialog box.

Debug messages in the IMX transfer process

Removed test messages that displayed in some IMX transfers from InfraWorks where the transfer included a roundabout

Outside Curb Offset values and Roundel lines

Fixed an issue in left hand drive roundabouts, where setting roundel curb offsets caused the curb (and resulting corridor) to be moved into the roadway and not outwards as expected.

DEMO AutoTrack drawings

DEMO AutoTrack drawings created by the Demo Version of AutoTrack will now load as Proxy Data.

Signs being reported in the roadway

Fixed an issue for roundabouts where signs were being reported as being located in the roadway when large roundel curb offsets were defined.

Check Side/Exit overturn distance in Template

Fixed an issue that occurred when the Check Side/Exit overturn distance in Template was used.

Apron Diameter and Apron Width in the Roundabout Standard Editor dialog box

Fixed an issue where updating either the Apron Width or the Diameter Fields in the Roundabout Standards Dialog box did not recalculate the other value.

Roundabout Standard Crown Lines dialog default text

Fixed an issue where the default text in the Roundabout Standards Crown Lines tab overlapped the field below.

Design Check on Max/Min Apron Diameter values

Fixed an issue so that Design Check now includes a check for the Apron Diameter as well as the Apron Width.

Offset from Offside and Offset from Nearside curb options

Fixed an issue so that roundabouts now allow signs to be located from the Edge Of Travel Way on the roundel and not just the curb.

Roundel Crown lines

Fixed an issue with roundabouts where the factors defining the location of the crown lines wrongly measured from the island and not the edge of the apron.

ICD Shown in Heads Up Display

Fixed an issue where the ICD on the HUD didn't take into account the new inside lane offset from the apron and the outer curb offset. ICD value might change on loading old drawings but the geometry of the roundabout does not change.

Circulatory width in Design Check

Fixed an issue for roundabouts where the design check for roundel lane widths for vehicles didn't show the actual lane widths and the adjusted widths after clearance values were taken into account.

Moving Roundabouts

Fixed an issue for roundabouts where moving a roundabout displaying the whole roundabout version of the Heads Up Display only moved the displays grips.

Negative values in Properties

Fixed an issue for roundabouts where negative values could be entered on properties pages where they did not make sense.

Fixed licensing message

Fixed an issue there a licensing failure displayed the message "Failed to retrieve Autodesk Vehicle Tracking license (Error code %1)". It now shows the correct error code.

Exit Crossing warning

Fixed an issue for roundabouts where a warning didn't display when an aligned exit side crosswalk failed to be created because it crossed the ICD.

Whole Circle Bearing on the Roundel Levels and Grades property page

Fixed an issue for roundabouts where the Min and Max values of roundel tilted plane cross-fall did not show correctly in the Roundabout Properties dialog box.

Duplicated Arm Number

Fixed an issue for roundabouts where adding an approach road after deleting an existing approach could sometimes assign an existing road name causing warnings about already existing alignments.

Original Alignment does not show correctly

Fixed an issue for roundabouts where the extended road used for the arm calculation under some rare conditions could be curved and not tangential to the end of the supplied section of road.

Tangential Offset Apply button

Fixed an issue where the Roundabouts Standard Editor did not enable the Apply button when editing the Tangential Offset on some road markings.

Grip of Sign Location

Fixed an issue for the fixed sign location on roundabouts where moving their location grip when a roundel curb offset was defined was incorrect.

HUD updated according to slip lane

Fixed an issue for roundabouts so that the Heads Up Display (HUD) adjusts its default location when a slip/bypass lane is enabled.

Roundabouts alignment with approach roads

Fixed an issue where roundabouts caused a warning about an alignment to be already existing when approach roads were added to the roundabout.

Curb Alignment still generated on entry/exit only arms

Fixed an issue where roundabouts sometimes had a left over outside curb when the entry or exit side of the approach was disabled.

Importing atx file to MicroStation

Fixed an issue when using Import/Export of vehicle tracking data to transfer it from AutoCAD/Civil3D to MicroStation could cause MicroStation to hang during the import process.

Undo command

Fixed an issue where the Undo command sometimes would not recover changes made in the Settings and the Standard Explorer dialog boxes.

Import/Export between AutoCAD and MicroStation

Fixed an issue where swept paths disappeared when transferring via import/export between AutoCAD and MicroStation.

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