Batch Plotting

When you use batch plotting, you can select multiple plots to send to the printer.

To batch plot

  1. Display the Plot Explorer in the Topobase task pane using either of the following methods:
    • Click Output tabPlot panelPlot Explorer.
    • Click Plot Explorer in the Topobase task pane.

    The Plot Explorer pane opens to display your Plot Library. The Plot Library contains plot templates and any plots you have saved.

  2. In the Plot Library, select multiple plots.

    To select multiple plots, hold down the Ctrl key as you click each plot. The plots you select can be in different folders.

  3. At the bottom of the Plot Library, click Batch Plot.

    Batch Plot appears at the at the bottom of the Plot Library when you select multiple plots.

    To change which plots are selected, move them between the lists in the Batch Plot dialog box. To add a plot, click it in the left-hand list and click the right arrow. To delete a selected plot from the batch-plot list, select it in the right-hand list and click the left arrow.

  4. To send all the selected plots to a single printer, select the target printer from the list under Printer/Plotter.

    If you do not select a single printer, each plot is sent to the printer specified in the plot or its template.

  5. Click OK to print all the plots.
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