New Features in Topobase Administrator

Users and User Groups

You can now assign a user to multiple user groups. Use case: A single person needs to access multiple user groups. See Users and User Groups.

Structure Editor

The Topobase Structure Editor simplifies the process of data model customization. See Topobase Structure Editor.

LDAP support

Topobase supports LDAP and Active Directory (single sign on), so you can integrate Topobase more seamlessly into your corporate environment, and avoid the Topobase login dialog.

Server Administrator

The Server Administrator provides a wizard to set up your database (TBSYS), and to update your existing documents. See Server Administrator.

1-Click Maintenance

Use the 1-Click Maintenance tool to run several basic database maintenance checks on one click. See Database Maintenance.

Job Administration

The new Job Administrator UI provides a single point to set up your job templates, and to administer job transition. See Job Administrator.

Area Topology Tolerance

For area topologies you can now specify a tolerance value for area modifications outside a perimeter. See Area Modification Outside Perimeter.

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