VPOINT (Command)


Sets the viewing direction for a 3D visualization of the drawing.

List of Prompts

The following prompts are displayed.

View Point

Creates a vector that defines a direction from which the drawing can be viewed. The view defined is as if the viewer is looking from the point back at the origin (0,0,0).


Specifies a new viewing direction using two angles.

  • Enter angle in XY plane from X axis.

The first angle is specified with respect to the X axis, in the XY plane.

  • Enter angle from XY plane.

The second angle is specified up or down from the XY plane.

Compass and Axis Tripod

Displays a compass and axis tripod, which you use to define a viewing direction in the viewport.

The compass is a two-dimensional representation of a globe. The center point is the north pole (0,0,n), the inner ring is the equator (n,n,0), and the entire outer ring is the south pole (0,0,-n).

As you move the crosshairs, the axis tripod rotates to conform to the viewing direction indicated on the compass. To select a viewing direction, move your pointing device to a location on the globe and click.