Pile Reinforcement - Section


The Pile Reinforcement - Section option defines the geometry of an RC pile as well as transversal and longitudinal reinforcement of a pile. Select the option from:

The following dialog displays:

The following information displays :

Select the Add element option to group the reinforcing bars (or reinforcing wire fabrics) of the spread footing reinforcement into an element while generating the formwork / reinforcement of the spread footing. The name specified in the Element name field is added on the Model tab of the Object Inspector dialog. The element (the group of reinforcing bars) displays in the Element manager dialog.

The PILE field includes options to define the parameters of RC pile geometry:

A pile should have 1 segment of 2 segments. It depends on the structural conditions concerned with the pile length (if the pile length exceeds the length of applied reinforcing bars, two segments should be selected); longitudinal reinforcement of two pile segments is connected by a lap splice joint, at the location of the lap splice joint transversal reinforcement is spaced more densely.

The lower part of the dialog includes the following parameters for stirrup reinforcement:

The following parameters are defined for longitudinal reinforcement:

After completing definition of pile transversal dimensions and reinforcement in the pile cross-section, click Next, the Pile reinforcement - View dialog displays.