Stairs - Reinforcement

After defining the stair reinforcement dimensions, click Next. The following dialog displays:

NoteThe contents of the dialog depend on the stairs' scheme selected.

STAIRS WITH LANDINGS (Type 1 and Type 2)

The upper part of the dialog displays the following parameters:

Below are presented schemes (shapes) of main reinforcement for:

NoteNot all the types of reinforcement of lower landing and upper landing can be combined together (e.g. you cannot select type 1 for lower landing and type 2 for upper landing).

For every reinforcement type (shape) the following parameters should be specified:

In the lower part of the dialog, the following parameters of distributed reinforcement are specified:


In the case of stairs with bearers, the definition of reinforcement is divided into the following two stages:

  1. definition of reinforcement for beams positioned in walls and bearers
  2. definition of reinforcement for stairs.


Bearers are always generated; beams in walls are generated only when the Beam option is selected.

The following reinforcement parameters are defined for beams in walls and bearers:

  • Reinforcement cover
  • Stirrup parameters:

    - steel grade

    - stirrup diameter

    - stirrup spacing

  • Parameters of longitudinal bars in beams (separately for top and bottom reinforcement):

    - steel grade

    - stirrup diameter

    - number of reinforcing bars.


The upper part of the dialog includes parameters of the main reinforcement of stairs:

  • Cover of main reinforcement
  • Steel grade.

Below are provided schemes (shapes) of the main reinforcement for:

  • Lower landing:

    type 1 -

    type 2 -

  • Flight of stairs:

    type 1 -

    type 2 -

  • Upper landing:

    type 1 -

    type 2 - .

The following parameters are specified for each type (shape) of reinforcement:

  • Reinforcement diameter
  • Spacing of bars along the width of stairs
  • Length of reinforcing bars.

The following parameters of distributed reinforcement are specified in the lower part of the dialog:

  • Reinforcement diameter
  • Steel grade
  • Bar spacing.

Units used to define the geometry and reinforcement of stairs are set in the Job preferences dialog.

The bottom of the dialog includes a selection lists used to define a hierarchy of defined projects and templates; the following rules apply while creating the hierarchy:

  • A project is a component superior to a group in the hierarchy
  • Several different groups may be defined in a project
  • Each group may include many templates.

Such hierarchy makes it easier to manage structure elements included in a project. It is also simpler to copy a project between two users (computers used by users), by copying a whole folder with the project name for the entire project hierarchy with all groups and templates.

You can define an arbitrary hierarchy; the following hierarchy can be used as an example:

  • Project - High-rise building
  • Group - Story 1
  • Template - Stairs.

The Template list includes user-defined templates (schemes) of stairs and their reinforcement. After defining the stairs geometry and reinforcement, it is possible to save these settings by specifying a name in the Template field and clicking the Save button (Note: a template is saved in a selected group and a selected project). After defining the stairs reinforcement and selecting the name of a saved template (in a selected project and a selected group), all parameters in the dialog are set exactly as they are defined in the template.

To open a template saved in a selected project and a selected group, click Load. To delete a selected template assigned to a selected project and a selected group, click Delete.

Templates saved in the macros for formworks of structure elements are available and can be loaded to the corresponding reinforcement macros. Once such a template is loaded, the Geometrytab sets parameters of the structure element geometry saved in the template.

The following buttons are located at the bottom of the dialog:

  • Preview - Click to display the defined stairs and reinforcement
  • Back < / Next > - Click to open the dialog on the previous / next tab
  • Insert - Click to place the defined stairs and reinforcement in a drawing. The number of reinforcement positions and locations for the defined stairs in a drawing should be defined; together with a drawing of the stairs. A reinforcement table compliant with the settings specifed in the Job preferences dialog is inserted.