Panel Schedule

You can create a schedule that lists the circuits connected to a panel, and show information about each circuit (location on the panel, circuit name, apparent loads).

Creating panel schedules

  1. Click Analyze tabReports and Schedules panelPanel Schedule.
    NoteYou can also open the Select Panel dialog by using the keyboard shortcut, PS.
  2. In the Select Panels dialog, select one or more panels, and click OK.
    NoteYou can also create a panel schedule by selecting a panel in a view and clicking Modify Electrical Equipment tabElectrical PanelCreate Panel Schedule.

    A new Panel Schedule view for the selected panel is displayed in the drawing area. The new panel schedule is added to the Project Browser under the Reports folder. The schedule shows the following information:

    Panel Feature Description
    Panel Panel Name
    Voltage Distribution System supported by the panel
    Phase Number of phases available from the panel
    Wires Number of wires specified for the distribution system assigned to this panel
    Mains Rating of the mains feeding the panel
    Mount Type of mounting (Surface or Recessed)
    Enclosure Type of case enclosing the panel
    Location Room where the panel is installed
    Load Name Name assigned to a load circuit
    Trip Rated trip current for a circuit breaker
    Poles Number of poles on the circuit breaker
    Ckt. No. Circuit number
    A/B/C Phases
    Phase A/Phase B/Phase C Apparent load (VA) for each of the phases
    Total VA Total apparent load for all three phases
    Mfg./Type Manufacturer
    Modifications Notation of any changes made to the panel
    Amps RMS Sym. Root Means Square amperage