Keynoting Settings

To access the Keynoting Settings dialog, click Annotate tabTag panel drop-downKeynoting Settings.

Keynote Table

Full Path

Displays the entire path of the keynote file.

Saved Path

Displays the file name of the keynote file that is loaded.


Opens the Keynotes dialog. This dialog does not permit editing the keynote table.

Path Type


Identifies a specific folder located on your local PC or a network server. The path could be stored in the Uniform Naming Convention (UNC) format such as \\servername\share\folder\keynote.txt.


Finds the keynote file where the project file or central file is located. If the file is moved to a new location, Revit MEP expects to find the keynote file in this new folder location as well.

At Library Locations

Finds the keynote file where the stand-alone installation or network deployment specified.

Numbering Method

By keynote

Determines the keynote value by the value stored in the keynote parameter or selected from the keynote table. This value displays in the keynote as well as filling in the keynote parameter.

By sheet

Numbers keynotes according to their order of creation.

A value for the keynote parameter is still stored if one has been chosen.

A Keynote Legend displays the Keynote Number according to the order it was created instead. No number appears in the tag until the view bearing Keynote Tags is placed on a sheet view.