Remove From System

You use this tool to delete components from an existing system. If you remove all of the components from a system, the system will be deleted.

  1. Select a component in an existing system, and click Switch Systems tabSystem Tools panel (Edit Switch System).

    All components except those in the selected circuit are dimmed in the drawing area and the Switch System Editor toolbar displays.

  2. Click Edit Switch SystemSystem Tools panel (Remove From System).
    NoteYou can also a remove a lighting fixture from a switch system by right-clicking the connector for the lighting fixture and clicking Remove from System.
  3. In the drawing area, select one or more components that you want to remove from the system.
    NoteYou can use a pick box to select multiple fixtures.
  4. Click Finish Editing System to apply your changes or Cancel to undo your changes.

    You can also click Switch Systems tabSystem Tools panel (Disconnect Switch) to remove a switch from the selected switch system.