Reduction of values near supports


For plate and shell elements supported at points or by linear supports (by means of the available support types, columns or walls), values of moments and stresses near the support points may be considerably greater than at the remaining points of the plate. This may cause calculation of incorrect reinforcement in the vicinity of supports and columns. To avoid this, such connections can be modeled either by means of the available rigid links or by applying Reduction of forces above columns and walls.

Reduction of values near supports replaces the result values obtained in the vicinity of supports, columns and walls with the reduced value from the vicinity of these supports. Three stages are distinguished in this operation.

Definition of support nodes. Values are reduced only near supported defined as follows.

At nodes where supports at points and beam supports (without dimensions) are defined, values are not reduced.

If one node is adjoined by several supports with different values of reduction radiuses, then the greatest of the calculated radiuses is adopted in calculations.

When the reduced value is calculated, it substitutes all disregarded values in the vicinity of a given support node.

NoteThis option should be used with caution. Consider the map of moments obtained after reduction. The option works correctly if dimensions of the column (support) cross section are comparable to dimensions of the mesh of planar finite elements. If column dimensions are far greater than dimensions of FE mesh, it is recommended to define other dimensionless supports around the support with the dimension or to define rigid links.