The orthotropic option recognizes the structural orthotropy of plates and shells. Structural orthotropy refers to the lack of uniformity of plate stiffness in different directions, due to, for instance, plate ribbing. Orthotropy recognizes differences in stiffness in the mutually perpendicular directions, but it does not recognize the lack of uniformity of the material. All the geometrical heterogeneities are recognized only in the stiffness matrices of elements. A plate with a thickness defined in this way should be treated as a structure with equivalent thickness but different stiffnesses in perpendicular directions.

NoteLocal change of rib stiffness is not recognized; the exact plate geometry is not visualized and it is not recognized during calculations of reinforcement.

Specify orthotropic thickness parameters:

NoteReinforcement calculations for this type of plate will not provide correct results. A new algorithm for plate reinforcement should be implemented that would recognize a T-section or an H-section. Therefore, the reinforcement calculations for this type of plate are carried out as if they were homogenous plates with invariable cross-section.

After you have defined the parameters, click Add. The newly defined thickness type will be added to the list of active thickness types.

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