Selection of Direction


Click the Direction button found on the Detailed tab in the FE Results dialog to define the main direction of the co-ordinate system (more precisely, to define the x-axis). All result values will be given in this rotated co-ordinate system.

All results are shown in nodes or centers of planar elements of the local user defined coordinate system and the selected layer. The layer may be selected on the Parameters tab.

In the Selection of Direction dialog, the following definitions of the local system are available.

NoteThe Local (of the cut) option is available in the Selection of Direction dialog only after clicking the Direction X button in the Panel Cuts dialog. This option is not available in the Selection of Direction dialog if this has been opened from the Maps or Table Columns (tables with results) dialogs.

Defining vectors will define the main direction for definition of planar element calculation results. It is projected onto an element, defining the local x axis direction. The vector cannot be perpendicular to the element (parallel to the local z axis). If the vector is projected onto the element as a point, then all results will equal zero.

Typical situations are shown on the drawing below. All elements are laying on the surface of a cylinder. Initially, local x axes are parallel to the meridian. These axes will be redefined using the main direction pointed in the same direction as the global Z axis.