Plate and Shell Reinforcement - Calculations - Verification

Select either the Theoretical (required) reinforcement layout located in the RC slabs design or Design > Required reinforcement of RC slabs/walls - options > Calculations to evaluate the reinforcement area for plates or shells.

Only the Calculations option is active which may be performed using either the equivalent stiffness (elastic) or the stiffness update (inelastic) methods.

To access Verification option, select Analysis > Verification in the Slab - provided reinforcement layout.

The name of the code used for determining parameters of panel reinforcement type is displayed on the dialog title bar.

To begin calculations of plate or shell reinforcement, do the following.

Take note of two issues:

  1. Panel calculations are performed only for panels with numbers specified in the List of panels field and for cases or case combinations specified in the ULS, SLS, ACC fields.
  2. After modifying the parameters of a reinforcement set for a panel with calculated reinforcement, or a reinforcement parameter set for a panel, the reinforcement calculation results are out of date. Reinforcement calculation results are removed, whereas in the reinforcement result table, the table cells are presented in red (maps of reinforcement and panel cuts are inaccessible).

Under the panel list there are two calculation progress bars. The first indicates the current panel, while the other indicates all calculated panels. The bars are preceded by read only fields that show the number of the calculated panel and how many panels have been calculated, respectively.

The lower part of the dialog contains the following options.

If any errors occur during calculations, they will display in a prompt after completing the calculations.

When reinforcement area, cracking, stiffness and deflection are calculated, verification of the reinforcement area from zones takes place. Verification is performed to obtain the final value of deflections. New areas are the basis for recalculation of cracking and stiffness values. See Methods of calculation of deflections in plates / shells for more information on calculation algorithms of individual methods.

Verification (like calculations of required reinforcement) can be performed using either of the following methods.

Verification can be carried out for a freely-chosen combination or a combination component. In the SLS field, you can define an arbitrary load type such as simple cases, combinations, time history analysis, and so on. Select the Auto option to perform verification of a combination with the greatest elastic displacements for a given panel (arbitrary, selected from the Selection dialog). Choose a combination to be verified. It will include combinations from the SLS drop-down list.

See also:

Method of calculating plate and shell reinforcement area.

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