Lean concrete / Block foundation

Click (Dimension Definition) or select Structure > Dimensions. Click the Lean concrete /Block foundation tab to define the dimensions of a lean concrete/ block foundation.

The tab is only available when the foundation supported on lean concrete has been selected on the General tab After pressing the icon, remember to press the Apply button).

NoteThe Lean concrete / Block foundation option is available only for the French codes DTU 13.12 and Fascicule No 62 - Titre V.

There are three choices for Lean concrete / Block foundation.

Lean concrete with no offsets (dimensions identical as in the case of the foundation). Defines only the thickness (height) of lean concrete / block foundation

Lean concrete with equal offsets. Defines the offset dimension and the thickness (height) of lean concrete / lock foundation

Lean concrete with arbitrary offsets. Defines the offset dimensions in each direction and the thickness (height) of lean concrete / block foundation.

NoteDuring calculations of a spread footing on lean concrete / block foundation the following conditions are checked:

If dowel bars are generated between the spread footing and lean concrete / block foundation, the sliding condition is not checked.

If the Block foundation option is selected, the dialog will display the following additional parameters:

At the bottom of the dialog, you determine the optimization parameters when the adopted block foundation parameters do not meet the requirements (in particular, the height H is a dimension that is optimized for the block foundation). An optimization method should be chosen.

NoteCalculations for the block foundation are performed independently for the direction X and for the direction Y.

Stress in the soil for the block foundation can be evaluated using the stress pressiometric method: allowable, SLS and ULS.