Creating a Multi-Category Schedule
  1. Place several components into your project that have shared parameters.
  2. Click View tabCreate panelSchedules drop-downSchedule/Quantities.
  3. In the New Schedule dialog, select <Multi-Category> from the Category list.
  4. In the Fields tab of the Schedule Properties dialog, you notice that shared parameters are available as schedulable fields. Add the appropriate shared parameter to the scheduled fields list.
  5. Click the Filter tab in the Schedule Properties dialog and choose the shared project parameter you just added. Only components that have this parameter display in the schedule.
    NoteIf you do not specify a filter parameter for the schedule, then all family categories in your project that can have a shared project parameter will display in the schedule. See Categories Allowing Shared Parameters.
  6. Format the rest of the schedule as desired. For more information, see Specifying Schedule Properties.
  7. When finished, click OK.

    The schedule lists all components with the shared parameter.

    TipYou can modify or add a shared parameter in the Fields tab of the Schedule Properties dialog. To modify a shared parameter, select it and click Edit under Scheduled fields. To add a new parameter, click Add Parameter. In both cases, the Parameter Properties dialog opens.