Importing Files from SketchUp

Google™ SketchUp® is a general purpose modeling and visualization tool. Revit Architecture uses building information modeling (BIM), in which building elements understand their relationship to each other. When working on a design project, you can use both products to leverage the unique strengths of each. For example:

To use a SketchUp design in Revit Architecture, import a SKP file from SketchUp directly into Revit Architecture. As an alternative, you can use SketchUp to export a DWG file, and then import that DWG file into Revit Architecture.

To incorporate a SketchUp design into a Revit project, use the following general process:

  1. Use Revit Architecture to create a family outside the project or an in-place family within the project.
  2. Import the SketchUp file into the family.
  3. If you created the family outside the project, load the family into the project.
NoteRevit Architecture does not support linking of SketchUp files. As a result, if you import a SketchUp file into a Revit project and later make changes to the SketchUp file, you cannot easily update the Revit project to reflect the changes. Therefore, complete as much of the design in SketchUp as possible before importing it into Revit Architecture.

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