Autodesk® Seek

Use Autodesk Seek to search for and share product design content from AutoCAD® and Revit® products. For information about sharing product design content with Autodesk Seek, see Publishing to Autodesk® Seek.

NoteAutodesk Seek is currently available only in the English edition of the software.

You can access Autodesk Seek in the following ways:

With Autodesk® Seek you can find and share product design information with the online design community to enhance designs and to meet specific customer needs. It allows designers to search for, download, and integrate generic or manufacturer-specific building products or components and associated design information.

When you are working in a design program, you may want to include products that, for example, meet design standards for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) or the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Autodesk Seek can help you locate such information and products, and get them into your design.

The design and product information available on Autodesk Seek depends on what content providers, both corporate partners and individual contributors, publish to Autodesk Seek. Such content could include 3D models, 2D drawings, specifications, brochures, or descriptions of products or components.

Autodesk has partnered with content aggregators such as BIMWorld™ and the McGraw-Hill Construction Sweets Network®, who maintain relationships with manufacturers, to provide and maintain product and design information within Autodesk Seek.

Autodesk® Seek also contains all files from the content libraries provided with the 2008 and later releases of the following products:

Currently, Autodesk Seek is intended primarily for the AEC/building industry. In the future, Autodesk Seek will expand to include product information that is more typically used in other industries.

File Types Supported by Autodesk Seek

The following list includes file types currently supported by Autodesk Seek.

File Type Description
3DS 3D Studio scene file
DGN MicroStation drawing file
DOC Microsoft Word document
DWF Autodesk’s open, secure format for sharing design information
DWG Industry standard file format for 2D and 3D design data
DXF Autodesk Drawing Exchange Format — enables data interoperability between AutoCAD and other design programs
IES Photometric data file
GSM ArchiCAD Graphic Description Language file
LCF ArchiCAD library container file
MCD Mathcad document file
MLIB Revit material library file
PDF Adobe portable document format
RFA Revit family file
RTE Revit template file
RTF Rich Text Format file
RVG Revit External Group file
RVT Revit project file
SKP Sketchup Document file
TXT Text file
XLS Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
ZIP Compressed archive file
Note Other file types not listed may be supported subsequent to the publication of this information.