Layers and Properties

Select a value from the Layers and Properties list to control how to export object styles from Revit Architecture to AutoCAD (or other CAD applications).

NoteYou can define layers and properties when exporting to DXF or DWG. These options are not available when exporting to DGN or SAT.

When you export a Revit view to DWG or DXF, each Revit category is mapped to an AutoCAD layer, as specified in the Export Layer dialog. In AutoCAD, the layer controls the display of the entities (Revit elements), including their colors, line weights, and line styles. In Revit Architecture, you define object styles in the Object Styles dialog. (See Object Styles.) The Layers and Properties setting determines what happens to a Revit element if it has attributes (object styles) that differ from those defined for its category. In AutoCAD and in Revit Architecture, view-specific element graphics are referred to as overrides.

Select one of the following values:

For example, suppose that, in a Revit Architecture project, most walls display with solid black lines, with a line weight of 5. In a floor plan, however, you have changed the view-specific element graphics for one wall to use dashed blue lines, with a line weight of 7.

When you export this view to DWG or DXF and, for Layers and Properties, select: