Creating Roofs Using the Roof by Face Tool
  1. Click Massing & Site tabConceptual Mass panelModel by Face drop-downRoof.
  2. In the Type Selector, select a roof type.
  3. If desired, on the Options Bar, specify the level of the roof.

    For more information on roofs, see Roofs.

  4. To select more than one face, on the Options Bar, click Select Multiple. Otherwise, clear this option.
  5. Move the cursor to highlight a face that you want to turn into a roof.

    Cursor highlighting cylindrical face

  6. Click to select the face.

    A roof is placed on the face immediately if the Select Multiple option is cleared.

  7. If you clicked Select Multiple, do the following:
    TipYou can change the pick face location of the roof (either top or bottom) by modifying the roof’s Picked Faces Location property in the Instance Properties dialog.

Roofs created using the Roof by Face tool do not automatically update if you change the mass face. To update the roof, use the Update to Face tool. See Updating Face-Based Host Shapes.

Placed roof

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