Toposurface Subregions

Toposurface subregions are areas that you sketch inside existing toposurfaces. For example, you can use subregions to draw parking lots on a graded surface, roads, or islands. Creating a subregion does not result in separate surfaces. It merely defines an area of the surface where you can apply a different set of properties, such as material.

To add a toposurface subregion:

  1. Click Massing & Site tabModify Site panelSubregion.

    Revit Architecture enters sketch mode.

  2. Click Create Subregion Boundary tabDraw panel (Pick Lines) or use other sketch tools to create a subregion on the toposurface. See Sketching.
  3. Click Finish Subregion.

If you need to modify the shape of the subregion, select it, and click Modify Topography tabSubregion panelEdit Boundary. Edit the sketch, and click Finish Subregion.

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The following image shows a toposurface that has a toposurface subregion, shown in gray.