Create the Site Plan

The site plan provides context for the building model.

Define contour line intervals, select section cut material, and specify the poche depth for topography elements.
In a site plan or a 3D view, create a topographical surface by picking points, importing 3D data, or importing a points file.
To provide the proper context for the building in relation to the building lot, specify True North in relation to Project North.
Sketch property lines, or create them using survey data.
In the site plan, add a building pad to the toposurface. Then modify the structure and depth of the pad.
Grade the toposurface of the building pad, indicating changes to existing contours.
Define existing roads and other site elements with toposurface subregions. Add placeholders for parking lots, service roads, and sidewalks. You can refine these elements of the site design later.
If you will retain existing trees or other site components, add them to the site design.