Creating a Mullion Profile

You can create a custom profile for a mullion. For more information about creating a profile family, see The Families Guide.

Mullion profile families can include detail components that are displayed when the mullion intersects the cut plane of the view. You can specify the visibility of the detail components to display at various detail levels.

For example, you might specify the detail component to display at fine and medium detail levels. When you load the mullion into the project and place it in a plan view with a coarse detail level, the plan view might show only the profile sketch. You could then create a section detail of the mullion and specify its detail level as fine. The detail components would be displayed in this view, offering greater detail of the construction of the mullion. For more information, see Managing Family Visibility and Detail Level.

Detail Components are shown only when the mullion is cut by the viewplane in floor/ceiling plan views and section/elevation views.

TipWhen you use a profile in a project, the curtain panels are trimmed to where the profile sketch intersects the center (front/back) reference plane in the profile family. To change where the curtain panels stop, you can move this plane to cut the profile at the desired width, and reload the family.