Glass Properties

You can define the following properties for glass materials on the Render Appearance tab of the Materials dialog. See also Glass, glazing, and mirrors.

Property Description
Color (Transmittance) Color of the glass. (Transmittance refers to the light that passes through the glass.) Select a predefined glass color, or select Custom to specify a color. See Specifying a Render Appearance Color.

Reflectance Percentage of light striking the glass that bounces off rather than being absorbed or passing through (transmittance). Enter a value between 0% and 50%.
Index of Refraction Measurement of how much a ray of light bends when entering the glass. Select a predefined index, or select Custom to specify an index number between 0 (no refraction) and 5 (most refraction).
Roughness Relative amplitude of bumps in the surface of the glass. Enter 0 to make the surface flat. Enter higher decimal values (up to 1.0) to increase the depth of the surface irregularities.
Bump Pattern Bump pattern to use on the finished surface. A bump pattern defines raised and lowered areas based on dark and light areas of an image file. To define a custom bump pattern, select Custom. See Specifying an Image File for a Render Appearance.